Arandi López

Arandi López

Full Stack Software Engineer


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Arandi López

Arandi López

Full Stack Software Engineer

Personal Information

About Me

Rockstar Software Engineer, Web Artisan & OSS developer.
Co-Creator of AppChallenge FMAT


Obtain Masters and/or PhD in the area of Software Engineering and Computer Science. Being an active contributor to open source projects that help improve the development of systems and the creation of new businesses.


  • Data Science & Machine Learning.
  • Web Development & Service-oriented architecture.
  • Mobile Computing Android/iOS.
  • Contribute on Open Source Software Projects
  • Software Process Improvement.
  • Software Construction.

I want to learn

  • NodeJS & SocketIO.
  • iOS & Swift Development.

I'm learning

  • Ruby on Rails Framework.
  • Android & Kotlin lang.
  • Electron & VueJS apps development.

What I do?

  • Laravel 5 + AngularJS or VueJS Web Development
  • Ionic Mobile Development
  • Mobile Android Native SDK
  • Project Management

Work Experience

Lead Software Engineer - Box Factura (2017 - Present)

Full Stack Developer - 789 (2015 - 2017)

Management and Development of ERP Systems.

Developer Jr. - LogicSystems (2014 - 2015)

Development of system and mobile application e-SIGeN.

My GitHub and Coding Activity